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How to Winterize Your Property in 8 Do-it-Yourself Steps

When cold weather arrives and the temperature drops below freezing, you need to have your home prepared the right way to avoid expensive water damage.  Part of that preparation involves winterizing your home’s plumbing system and minimizing the amount of cold air that can come into your property. Expert Restoration recommends 8 important tasks to [...]

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6 Steps to Follow: From Water Damage to Insurance Payout

Coming home to a kitchen full of standing water or a basement with a pipe gushing water is scary but don't worry, If it happens to you it’s something you can totally have control over. In this article, we walk you through the SIX  steps you’ll experience in filing a water damage claim Here is [...]

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The DO’s of Property Insurance Claims

Property Insurance Claim Forms Homeowners and business owners often make several errors that can delay their property insurance claim, impact their insurance payout, and even determine if their insurance company will even cover their insurance claim: Do call for help immediately: A property restoration service company, emergency plumber, and board up company often [...]

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